Water Play Mat Little Penguin


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This water play mat is an adventure for all babies as they discover many different swimming shapes. The mirror elements and the fish can effortlessly be pushed to and fro by hand. It’s fun and enhances motor skills in tummy time position. The water-filled mat is coated with a soft fabric removable, machine washable cover, the fabric ensures babies are comfortable lying down. Additional stimulating elements sewn on outside of fabric. Easy to fill safety relief valve included.

Removable elements no
Function with sliding element

with see-through element
Filling material water
Width 27 cm
Material polyester

Age from 6 months
Design by Jutta Neundorfer

  • many water elements stimulate playing and discovering
  • easy fill/empty valve and removable, machine washable fabric cover
  • one fin with hook and loop fastener + clutching toy, one fin with rustling foil
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