Quiet as a Mouse


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Morris Mouse sneaks on tiptoes into the cheese castle to steal some royal cheese. But watch out: The royal alarm bells must not ring! You carefully try to slide your wooden sticks through the holes of the cheese castle without touching it. The other players meanwhile have to be quiet as mice! If a player moves too daringly the alarm bells will ring immediately and their turn is over.

Contents:1 cheese castle (in four parts), 2 alarm bells, 2 color dice, 16 wooden sticks, Set of game instructions.
Product weight 397 g
Language deutsch
Material card

Age from 5 years
Age to 99 years
Game type auditory game

skill game
Number of players from 2 persons
Number of players up to 4 persons
Game duration from 10 min
Game duration up to 15 min
Warnings Warning. Not suitable for children under 3 years. Small parts. Choking risk.
Illustrators Andreas von Frajer
Authors Reinhard Staupe
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