Princess Magic Fairy


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Princess Magic Fairy and her friends are drawing sparkling pictures in the air using their magic wand. But watch out! Attracted by the fairy glitter the mischievous goblin Knick-Knack sneaks around and secretly steals the magic pictures. Now all the players have to concentrate and keep their eyes wide open to win the competition against the mischievous goblin.

Contents: 1 magic wand, 5 round tiles (4 fairies, 1 goblin), 4 magic boards, 32 magic cards (24 magic pictures, 8 goblins), Set of game instructions.
Language englisch
Material card

Age from 4 years
Age to 10 years
Game type memory game

cooperative game
Number of players from 2 persons
Number of players up to 4 persons
Game duration from 10 min
Game duration up to 15 min
Illustrators Anja Rieger
Authors Thilo Hutzler
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