My First Ball Track – Conveyor Wheel


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Here comes unlimited ball track fun for the very smallest: just place the balls in the conveyer wheel, move the toothed wheel – and the cheerfully colored balls will roll one by one, making the little bell tinkle. Shortly afterwards they will zip along the tracks. If the little blue lever is pushed to the right the balls will directly roll back onto the conveyor wheel. And the ball fun starts all over again!

Contents: 1 conveyor wheel, 1 ramp, 2 tracks, 4 curves, 3 balls, 6 colored connection blocks.
Material beech
Age from 1.5 years
Effect with visual effect
Number of parts 16
Design by Ines Frömelt
Product range HABA Ball Track

  • can be combined with the HABA ball track
  • includes instruction leaflet
  • exciting conveyor mechanism
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