Goblin truck


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The little goblin driver drives a very colorful truck with a trailer. The trailer has stacking blocks, and once they are loaded properly, the truck can be pulled around for hours! Bright and vibrant, the wheels are painted of various interesting patterns. Your Child will find the Goblin Truck both fun and challenging. Each of the flat blocks has two holes of different sizes. To make up the load, the flat blocks must be stacked on the trailer with the correct holes aligned.

  • Contains 1 blue truck, 1 yellow trailer, 3 flat blocks, 2 round pegs, and one driver
  • Made of maple wood
  • Non-toxic lacquer

Total length 21 cm, W 7,5 cm.

Age: from 1 years

  • GS geprüfte Sicherheit
  • ASTM
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