Crook Gang


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Iggy Incognito and his 45 buddies infuriate the police in Gold-town. Part of the gang is always on a mission and it’s very tricky to apprehend the delinquents, as the 46 burglars look awfully alike! Do you have the eagle eye needed to chase the crooks being searched for and receive the distinction of the best crook chaser in the whole of Gold-town? Game for 2-4 players

Contents: 1 wooden loot bag; 52 cards (46 crook cards and 6 warrants for arrest); set of game instructions

Game instructions:

Dimensions: 10.6 x 4 x 10.6 cm

Age: 6-99yrs

Made in Germany

Material: cardboard

Benefits: stimulate quick responses, hand-eye coordination

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