Ball Track Rollerby – Windmill Track


99 件庫存

貨號: HABA300438 分類:


Contents: 1 windmill wheel ramp, 1 large gateway, 1 archway with little bell, 1 steep curve, 2 straight tracks, 2 ramps, 10 connecting elements, 1 start block, 3 columns, 1 ball Paul, 1 ball cat, 1 ball.
Material beech


solid wood
Age from 2 years
Age to 8 years
Effect with visual effect
Number of parts 25
Design by Jan Schenkel

Anna Lena Räckers

Ines Frömelt
Product range Ball Track Rollerby

  • attractive basic pack full of Rollerby fun
  • large, adaptable and expandable ball track play world with many effects
  • risk free play fun already from two years on
  • clever click system and columns of different heights for maximum slip-proof momentum
  • all Rollerby ball tracks can be combined with each other
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