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Here things are all in motion, offering a lot to discover. Just turn the crank and everything starts moving! Whoever turns the blue, gear wheel or activates it with the orange & yellow, gear wheel crank will cause the little blue bell to tinkle. The carousel will zip in circles and the green beads will fly high when the upper orange, gear wheel is turned vigorously. The cute little caterpillar with its bright red nose will peep out curiously behind the round opening when the green gear wheel is put in motion by the crank.

Removable elements no
Function with sound element

with sliding element

with rotating element
Filling material without
Length 14 cm
Height 35 cm
Width 30 cm
Height adjustable no
Material beech
Age from 1.5 years
Design by Jutta Neundorfer
Product range HABA selection

  • includes little bell, merry-go-round with beads and wooden jumping figure
  • stimulates observation of cause & effect
  • discovering acoustic and optical effects
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